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Andes-Link Intelligent Co., Ltd is an innovated enterprise which specialized in PoE(Power over Ethernet) technique, is a global supplier and provider of IoT transmission products & solution services.

Product quality can meet the requirements of national safety certification bodies such as UL, CE, TUV, VDE, CAS, GS. The company implements standard management and control in the process of design, development, production, installation and service, establishes a set of perfect enterprise standards and enterprise system, and continuously improves the quality management system. It is a famous brand trusted by customers. Product advantages: ultra-high efficiency >94%, life>50000 hours, waterproof rating ≥ IP67, 6KV lightning protection,

Main products: power adapter, POE power supply, POE power adapter, POE splitter, POE switch, POE injector, power adapter, switching power supply, etc.

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